Corned Beef Sandwiches in the Delta

In the Mississippi Delta town of Greenville, members of the Hebrew Union Congregation synagogue have been hosting a community meal on the past 130 years. It brings together hundreds of Jews and gentiles from all over the Delta to share a corned beef on rye.

Director’s Cut: Stevens Flagg’s Delta Luncheon

Since 2006, Flagg has climbed the ladder at Giardina’s in Greenwood, where he has developed dishes like Sweet and Salty Duck Confit Crostini. In 2013, he became executive chef of that storied restaurant.

Hot Tamale!

This month, we crank up the blues, roll down the windows, and head to the Mississippi Delta for hot tamales.

A Fresh Look: On Flavor

The first time André 3000 urged me to vocalize my love of “fish and grits and all that (delicious Southern food),” I had no clue what he was talking about.

Chinese Grocers: Yee’s Food Land

This week we’re featuring oral histories from our Chinese Grocers in the Delta project. Today, meet the Yee family of Lake Village, Arkansas. For more than sixty years, the Yees have owned and operated a grocery store in the Arkansas Delta town of Lake Village.There is the father and mother who started the store back … Continued

OKRACAST: Marie Louise Nosser

All week we’ve been celebrating oral histories from our Delta Lebanese project. On this week’s OKRACAST, meet Mary Louise Nosser of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Mary Louise Nosser is a native of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Her parents, John and Effie Nosser, immigrated to Vicksburg from the Mount Lebanon region of Syria (now Lebanon) just after World War I. … Continued