Featured Oral History: Women at Work in RVA

On Saturday, SFA director John T Edge will be at Pepper Place Market in Birmingham signing copies of Cornbread Nation 7. And what better way to celebrate the signing than to feature our Women at Work in Richmond oral history project? Two oral histories from the project — Ida MaMusu of Africanne on Main and Argentina … Continued

Eat Francis Lam’s Words

“The South is never one thing only.” That’s Francis Lam’s assertion in his recent interview with Talia Ralph of Heritage Radio’s Eat Your Words.

2014 Symposium Speaker Spotlight: Francis Lam

Francis will talk about food shaming, a topic aligned with this year’s theme, “Who is Welcome at the Welcome Table?” Francis says, “Food is the thing that connects us.” He will share stories of how the very thing that connects us often causes feelings of insecurity, embarrassment, and shame based on religious beliefs, cultural norms, and family traditions.