Soak the Beans

Certainly, there is beauty inherent in the diaspora, in being a part of a family with roots that stretch across countries and continents. But there is also loss.

Dee Dee’s Kitchen

Robin Amer follows up on Gravy podcast “The Last Jews of Natchez,” complicating the history of black women cooking in the south.

A Helping of Gravy: Sean Brock’s Favorite Ingredients

An interview with Sean Brock, who earned his James Beard Award at the helm of McCrady’s in Charleston, South Carolina, but learned to love cooking in the coalfields of Wise, Virginia. His first cookbook, Heritage, will be published in October.

Cooking with Michael Pollan

Last night, we welcomed Michael Pollan to the University of Mississippi campus for a talk about his latest book, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation.

Cooking in Other Women’s Kitchens

At the 16th Southern Foodways Symposium on Women at Work, Rebecca Sharpless detailed the oft-untold story of black women working as domestic cooks in white people’s homes. In the introduction to her book, Cooking in Other Women’s Kitchens, Sharpless says, “This study began as a part of a larger work on southern women who used … Continued

Leah Chase’s Gumbo z’Herbes

Today, for Easter week, we bring you a recipe for Gumbo z’Herbes by Leah Chase and Sara Roahen.  Gumbo z’Herbes is traditionally eaten in New Orleans on Holy (Maundy) Thursday, so you’ve got a couple of days to gather your ingredients and prepare this labor-intensive—but oh-so-worth-it—gumbo. Leah Chase (l) and Sara Roahen. Gumbo z’Herbes from … Continued