What We’re Reading: “The Shrinking of LBJ”

“Johnson failed to swing a single Southern Democrat, despite the fact that several, including J. William Fulbright of Arkansas and Al Gore Sr. of Tennessee, were considered possible converts.” That’s a quote from The New Republic’s article about the myth and the reality of what role President Lyndon B. Johnson played during the passing of … Continued

Sustainable South: Uprooted Innocence

The United States enforces strict labor laws with tough penalties to protect young workers: except those who pick the food we eat. Uprooted Innocence, produced by the Farmworker Advocacy Network and Professor Bruce Orenstein’s video and social change class at Duke University, brings to light the lives of these children, who work on industrial farms yet … Continued

Sustainable South: Meet Your Farmworker

Meet Your Farmworker by Atlee Webber is an informative short-film on invisible farmworkers in South Carolina. Eighty-five percent of produce in the United States is picked by hand. Agribusiness is South Carolina’s number one industry. But do we know who brings our food from farm to table? Winner of the 2013 SAF Petrow-Freeman Documentary Award, … Continued

A Thankful Sustainable South

John Egerton, who passed away last week, said in an interview with SFA filmmaker Joe York:

“When I realized how much Southern food meant to me and meant to people who wanted the South to have a more rounded image than just the violence and the racism, I began to realize that food is the great communications medium, it’s the great binder that brings us together as a people…It’s so much more than just the food.” This Thanksgiving, let’s consider how others’ traditions enrich our own.

UNC Charleston Lecture: Julian Bond

Civil rights pioneer and legislator Julian Bond will deliver the 2013 Charleston Lecture in Southern Affairs at UNC-Chapel Hill on November 19, 2013.

Sustainable South: VEGGI Farmer’s Cooperative

Next year, the Southern Foodways Alliance will explore inclusion and exclusion at the Southern table in 2014. This theme is two-fold. It marks the 50th anniversary of the desegregation of Southern restaurants. It also challenges us to take an honest look at ourselves today—for the sake of tomorrow. Who is included? Who is excluded? For the Southern table, what are the implications of obesity? Class, nationality, and sexuality? These are critical issues to ponder. Sustainable South hopes to draw your attention to agricultural groups tackling inclusion and exclusion from the field.

Dispatch from Jackson: Exploring the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Turry Flucker, Anna Hamilton, and Kate Hudson, three graduate students from the University of Mississippi’s Southern Studies program, spent two weeks doing research, documentary, and oral history work in Jackson, Mississippi, for a project sponsored by the SFA and the UoM’s Media and Documentary Projects. Their work examines the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the … Continued