Soundtrack to Freedom Summer ’64: A Concert

To complement their Freedom Summer exhibit, the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson, Mississippi, will host a concert in the Art Garden Thursday, June 26, from 8:00—11:00 p.m.

Remembering a Civil Rights Swim-In: A Dark Moment in St. Augustine

In preparation for next weekend’s summer symposium, we’ve been reading up on sit-ins during the Civil Rights movement. Though these protests—along with a host of other “-ins,” including swim-ins, read-ins and pray-ins— were characterized by nonviolent resistance, they weren’t always met on those same terms. Case in point: the above picture from 1964 St. Augustine, … Continued

A Jackson Bibliography

Read along with us about Jackson’s history, the Civil Rights Movement and Freedom Summer, and works by our Summer Symposium speakers, chefs, and performers.

Jackson’s Iconic Restaurants: Peaches Cafe

For 53 years, Peaches Cafe served the Jackson community, offering chitterlings and cobbler to a loyal clientele. Even as other businesses on Farish Street closed, this beloved soul food restaurant held on tight. Ms. Peaches insisted upon it.

Director’s Cut: Freedom Summer and My Day with Fannie Lou Hamer

Those of you who plan to join SFA for the Summer Symposium in Jackson will have a chance to explore her legacy and that of the Freedom Summer effort when you tour the Mississippi Museum of Art. If you can’t join us, stay tuned for podcasts of Symposium talks and be sure to watch the film Freedom Summer on PBS on June 24.