The SFA Take: Back To School

Dr. Passidomo’s course, The South in Food, models how educators may use SFA content as a teaching tool in the classroom.

Spring Foodways Syllabus: Food, Place, & Power

This spring, Dr. Catarina Passidomo teaches an anthropology course on Food, Place, and Power, and we again have the privilege of seeing how the study of foodways plays out in her classroom.

Southern Foodways Fundamentals

Our first installment from the University of Mississippi’s Southern Foodways and Culture course cracks into John Egerton’s classic, Southern Food.

From the professor’s desk

Every Friday, we’ll post a student’s reflection on our Southern foodways course reading. Share your own reactions by posting comments on Facebook or using the #SFABookClub hashtag on Twitter.

A Semester of Southern Foodways

Read along with the University of Mississippi’s Southern Studies students and foodways professor Catarina Passidomo.

A Helping of Gravy: Why Study Food Justice?

This article first appeared in issue #53 of our Gravy quarterly. The author, Catarina Passidomo, is an assistant professor of anthropology and Southern Studies who teaches foodways classes at the University of Mississippi.  Why Study Food Justice? Lessons From Post-Katrina New Orleans by Catarina Passidomo When I tell people that I study food, the response is usually one of … Continued