Protests and Potato Salad

Organizations like Operation Help or Hush are meeting a basic need in Baltimore, but their timely provisions also carry a deeper meaning.

Operation Help or Hush feeds Baltimore protestors

At the Southern Foodways Alliance, we often talk of using food as a lens through which to consider greater questions of identity, history, reconciliation, and justice. And we often are asked, “But why food?” At first glance, to discuss foodways may seem trivial against the backdrop of such pressing issues as social inequality, natural disasters, … Continued

OKRACAST: The Resurrection of the Fish Pepper

Welcome to Okracast, the SFA podcast! Ever wonder what’s behind the revival of heirloom and heritage foods? This week, Tina Antolini takes us to Baltimore, where a small pepper called the “fish pepper” is making a comeback. The pepper’s significance stems from its racially-charged history: once favored in Baltimore’s African American community, the pepper began … Continued