Pie By Another Name

Every Tuesday a group of women gets together at Or Ve Shalom Synagogue in Atlanta to bake hundreds of savory hand-held pies.

Oral Histories: Lives and Loaves of NOLA

The stories of some of the bread bakers and a few of the hardworking po-boy and banh mi makers (and one oyster loaf partisan) who keep those bakers in business.

Field Notes: Dong Phuong Bakery

There’s a good chance that your next New Orleans po-boy, whether fried shrimp or roast beef and gravy, might just come on Dong Phuong bread.

Tampa Field Notes: La Segunda Bakery

La Segunda Bakery celebrates its 100th anniversary this year in Tampa, Florida. It’s one of the oldest Cuban bakeries in Tampa.

Edna's Restaurant - Edna Stewart - Tabasco Guardians of the Tradition: Chicago, IL - Chicago Eats

Oral History Project of the Week: Chicago Eats

This year, the SFA is exploring inclusion and exclusion at the Southern table. Accordingly, this week’s featured Oral History Project is Chicago Eats, a collection that tells the stories of African American Southerners who left a region dictated by Jim Crow in pursuit of better opportunities. This diaspora, which connects the South to cities like … Continued

Oral History Project of the Week: Pie in Arkansas

In trailers, small shops, and restaurants across Arkansas, women make pies with recipes passed down from their grandmothers, gifted to them by friends, or brought in by eager customers. Wherever they’re found, their communities know them as the “pie ladies.”