“She Spoke and I Listened”

In honor of this week’s featured oral history project, Women Who Farm: Georgia, we’re sharing “She Spoke and I Listened” by Sara Wood, our oral historian. This piece appeared in our #50 issue of Gravy. “She Spoke and I Listened,” as told to Sara Wood by Haylene Green. The evening I met Haylene Green, an … Continued

Oral History Project of the Week: Women Who Farm: Georgia

In anticipation of the upcoming New South Family Supper, we’ll be featuring our Women Who Farm: Georgia oral history project all week. For anyone who’s stood in front of a woman farmer and said, you don’t look like a farmer, you probably haven’t been to Georgia. Women are the fastest growing group of farmers in the country, … Continued

Remembering Darryl Evans

The SFA was sad to learn yesterday of the passing of Darryl Evans, a pioneering Atlanta chef who served as a mentor to many others, especially African American chefs.

Thirsty Thursday: Greg Best

We admire Greg because he’s a thinking person’s bartender, one who considers the stories behind his ingredients and the way they combine to tell new stories in the glass.

A Spoken Dish: New Videos Are Live

More new stories are live on A Spoken Dish, our collaborative video project with Whole Foods Market and Georgia Organics.

A Spoken Dish: Singing for Your Supper

In this video from A Spoken Dish, chef Steven Satterfield recalls visiting his grandmother in the North Carolina mountains as a child and helping her in the kitchen.

The Mystery of a Gumbo Pot

In this video from A Spoken Dish, Duane Nutter recalls his first close encounter with a gumbo pot.