Speaking in Tongues: A Barbecue Communion

“A waiter catches my eye, and as he approaches, I think that if that fight against integration is a persistent part of our history, so, too, is the fight for integration. So, too, is the resistance to the old order, the desire to come together, which you can see here, where faces of almost every color congregate each day.”

The Future of Food Media

Team SFA left Birmingham this Sunday full of gratitude for a successful event and hope for the future of food media.

Field Notes: Busy Bee Cafe

Kitty Spears of Cullman, Alabama, ran the Busy Bee Cafe with her late husband, Steve, until 2014. Her children now run the business.

Film: The Gospel of the Alabama Oyster

Lane Zirlott calls it an oyster revolution—one that focuses on presentation as much as taste, and enables hard-working families to make a consistent living on the Alabama waters.