Symposium Oxford Music Geek Report

Pride of Oxford
Pride of Oxford

Oxford is a great town for music. When I first moved here, Blue Mountain was the band. Now it’s Bass Drum of Death. And each week on Thacker Mountain Radio, the Yalobushwackers, the house band of your dreams, plays to a packed house.

This Thursday on Thacker (6:00 pm at the Lyric), you get a chance to hear the Yalos do their countrypolitan thing. But you won’t hear Los Trovadores, the band originally booked for that night.

INSTEAD you’ll groove to the sounds of three of SFA’s favorite Atlantans, Johnny Mosier, Angie Mosier, and Jeff Mosier. If you know the bands Superchick & Goodpussy or Blueground Undergrass, then you’re attuned.

Los Trovadores were also set to busk a bit at the Symposium opening night dinner, featuring Bill Smith. Instead, Dent May and David Swider will spin Mexicali tunes. If you like what you hear, swing by End of all Music, north of the Square, the Fat Possum-fueled den of vinyl diversions.