Sustainable South: The ReFresh Community Farm

Photo courtesy of The ReFresh Community Farm

New Orleans is a culinary hub of the South (discover our New Orleans treasure trove here). With urban agriculture projects across the Crescent City, it’s quickly becoming a community-farming hub, too (more on that here).

The ReFresh Community Farm is one of those projects that grows fresh, healthy food for the city. Through community engagement and outreach, ReFresh empowers New Orleanians to promote honest discourse. The farm encourages positive relationships, lower stress levels, better nutrition, and healthy habits.

Every year, the Garnier Green Garden Grant awards a community organization $140,000 to design and build a garden. The ReFresh Community Farm is a top five finalist and is the only finalist located in the South.

Vote for The ReFresh Community Farm here to promote a good cause in one of our favorite cities. Voting ends May 15, 2014.