FAQ: SFA Stories

Does the SFA Stories app run on the iPad and the iPod Touch?

  • It will run on both the iPod Touch and iPad, in addition to the iPhone. The iPad is supported in iPhone emulation mode, not full native resolution.

I am associated with one of the establishments; some of our information has changed. How do we get it updated?

Does this represent everything in the SFA’s oral history archive?

  • No.  The app provides a substantial subset of the archive, but you should go to the SFA website at www.southernfoodways.org for the definitive collection and more detail from each interview.

Does the app include all the data in the oral history?

  • No. The app shares just a snapshot of each of our oral histories. It provides the mobile user with a quick reference to the SFA collection as a convenience. There is a great wealth of data including audio, video, and full interview transcripts on the website at www.southernfoodways.org.

Will you update the data?

  • Yes, the app is designed to refresh the database periodically. While there is no set schedule, we anticipate several updates each year. As always, the SFA website should be considered the definitive reference and new histories will appear there first.

Some of the locations are closed. Why would you include them?

  • The app is intended as a quick reference to our entire oral history collection. Though travelers can reference these stories from the road, this app is not primarily intended as a travel guide. In cases where a location is closed or not open to visitors, we display that information in a banner on the story page. The purpose of both the oral history project and this app is to give insights into the culture and history of Southern food.

I have a restaurant and would like to be included in your list.

  • The SFA’s oral history project documents Southern foodways. The intent is not to be a travel guide or list of recommended dining establishments. If you think your restaurant has a unique history that should be captured as part of a larger SFA oral history project, please do contact us at info@southernfoodways.org with ideas for the project and other nearby locations for inclusion. Projects that work best are tightly focused and geographically concentrated.

Are there any recipes or cooking information?

  • No. The app reflects the SFA’s oral history work. If you’re after recipes, we recommend the Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook, available online or from your local bookseller.

I seem to be having a technical issue with the app. Who do I contact?

Sometimes the “Search by Location” feature doesn’t allow the “Current Location” option. Why?

  • The location search is based on current device location. If the phone is in airplane mode or is outside of service connection, it cannot determine an accurate location. Thus “current location” is not presented as an option.

Sometimes the app doesn’t allow you to display a map. Why?

  • The map display requires Internet access to obtain the map information. If you are not network connected, the app can’t get this data and will not display a mapping option.

The photos are a bit small. Can I zoom them?

  • If you tap the photo, it will toggle into an expanded view.

Is the phone number active?

  • Yes, on the iPhone. Just tap the number to place the call.

How was the city list in the Geographic Search chosen? How do you calculate the distance from the city?

  • In addition to your current location, it is frequently useful to search around destinations for travel planning. SFA selected a list of cities that represented a sampling of potential regional destinations. The city locations are based on the airports. We display any distance within 25 miles as “local.”  When searching from your current location, the measurements are specific. Also, be aware that the app acquires its current location when it starts (or reawakens).  To conserve battery life it does not continue to refresh that location while active (like a GPS device would).