Summer Symposium Spotlight | Rosalia Torres-Weiner

Community. Rosalia Torres-Weiner painted this 6’x4′ mural in 2012.

Wandering around Charlotte, you’ll encounter colorful, eye-catching murals on public buildings. Some of the most striking of them — depicting the joy, despair, and love of the Latin American community in North Carolina — were painted by artist and activist Rosalia Torres-Weiner.

Originally from Mexico, Rosalia moved to North Carolina in the 90s. Her “artivism,” as she calls it, consists of running workshops for young Latin Americans to teach them how to use art to confront and mitigate the traumas of living as an immigrant in America. She also uses her art to document social conditions and to raise awareness about issues that affect immigrant communities, such as family separation, access to public education, racism, and moving beyond common stereotypes.

Rosalia recently wrote a short post for the SFA blog about defining El Sur Latino, how the South has impacted latinx culture, and how latinx Southerners and immigrants have redefined the South. You can read that post here.

You can catch Rosalia’s presentation at the Summer Symposium on Saturday morning. Find the schedule, and more details about the symposium here. Remember, symposium guests must have current memberships, so if you haven’t renewed for 2017, now’s a good time!