Summer Symposium Spotlight | Piko Ewoodzie

Watch Piko Ewoodzie on “Setting the Homeless Table” at the 2014 SFA Fall Symposium.

Meet the 2017 Egerton Scholar in Residence, Joseph “Piko” Ewoodzie.

Piko is a professor of sociology and African American Studies at Davidson College. He received his Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin, Madison in Sociology. His dissertation, “Getting Something to Eat in Jackson”, is an ethnography of the foodways of socioeconomically diverse African Americans in Jackson, Mississippi.

Piko is currently working on a book that will be published through the University of North Carolina Press. Break Beats in the Bronx: Rediscovering Hip-Hop’s Early Years uses archival materials to focus on hip hop from 1975-1979 in the Bronx. At its core, his work uses oral histories and other qualitative methods to understand how marginalized communities makes sense of the inequalities in their lives.

Piko presented part of his dissertation research at our 2014 Fall Symposium in a talk entitled “Setting the Homeless Table”. He found that the effort required on the part of homeless African Americans in Jackson to consistently obtain food limited the time they were able to spend on finding housing or work. You can watch that talk here.

During the 2017 Summer Symposium in Charlotte, Piko will describe the burden that we, as eaters, assume when we engage with new immigrant restaurateurs. He will speak twice, once on Thursday evening and once on Saturday.

Find the schedule, and more details about the symposium here. Remember, symposium guests must have current memberships, so if you haven’t renewed for 2017, now’s a good time!