Summer Symposium Spotlight | Pacino Mancillas

Pacino Mancillas is the co-leader of the AC&M Group multicultural marketing agency. The agency connects Charlotte businesses to Latino consumers, and Latino businesses to the wider Charlotte community.

Charlotte is a city of industry, and connecting business owners to consumers is an important part of daily life. At this year’s Summer Symposium, Pacino will give a presentation on the ways that Latino entrepreneurs take advantage of opportunities to connect to each other, to Charlotte, and to the South. He’ll dive into the future of multicultural marketing, and the ways that the Charlotte community sells Southern and Latin identities.

You can catch Pacino’s presentation at the Summer Symposium on Saturday morning. Find the schedule, and more details about the symposium here. Remember, symposium guests must have current memberships, so if you haven’t renewed for 2017, now’s a good time!