Student Spotlight: Community Supported Pie

Meet Heather Richie, the only student (so far) to attend both our Oral History Workshop and Film Storytelling Boot Camp. Recently, she used what she learned here at SFA World Headquarters to start a new project: Community Supported Pie.

From her website:

As an M.F.A. candidate, documentary arts student, and southern foodways enthusiast, I knew pies were special and wanted to find a way to center stories around them. But it wasn’t just pies. I’d spent years finding my fit in the foodways community before I came to see food and the American South as vehicles for cultural conversations I could not put to rest. Pies are malleable within a singular space. Pies are inclusive. Pies are perennially vogue. Community Supported Pie allows me to conduct oral history and documentary work. Pieways showcases some of that work.

Our main goal behind offering our documentary workshops is to bring more students into the fields of film and oral history and for them to use what they learn to document the stories behind the food. Congratulations to Heather for the beautiful piece featured above, profiling South Carolina’s first sea salt maker in 150 years, Bertha Booker of Botany Bay Sea Salt.

Now if she would just bring us some pie.