Southern Six-Pack


It’s time for the Southern Six-Pack, a highly curated, somewhat curious, collection of news stories from across the region (and beyond).

1.  December 26 is national candy cane day. It’s also Boxing Day. As a big chunk of the rest of globe is busy celebrating the latter, the least you could do is honor the former and enjoy a candy cane. You know, before someone you love throws them all away.

2.  The Atlantic’s list of the best movies of 2014 should keep you off your couch and away from cleaning and gift returns for the rest of the weekend. You do have permission to stay on your couch and rent, Boyhood, an SFA favorite.

3.  Here’s a handy guide to actually caring about EVERY SINGLE remaining bowl game. No matter how devoted a college football fan you are, admit it, even you are going to need a little push to care about anything happening in the Foster Farms Bowl. Yes, Virginia, there is a Foster Farms Bowl.

4.  Publisher’s Weekly just released its list of the best books of 2014. Since it’s too cold and too rainy to play outside, stay in and read a book. Or ten.

5.  Working on a 2015 resolution to add more music to your life? Happy downloading!

6.  Ready to get back into the kitchen after a day or two of rest? Cook your way through the 20 most popular recipes of 2014.