Southern Six-Pack


It’s time for the Southern Six-Pack, a highly curated, somewhat curious, collection of news stories from across the region (and beyond).

1.  Okay, so, last night Jeff Scott, Jr. was all like this:

Jeff Scott, Jr.

And then, Ole Miss fans were all like this:


This is mostly how we plan on spending the rest of the day.  Just so you know.

2.  If you work in a casual dining restaurant chain and, like 80’s R & B star Rockwell, you always feeeeeellll like somebody’s watching you, chances are you’re right. Restaurant surveillance systems are the new normal. And, when employees know that they’re being monitored, profits increase by 7% a week.  

3.  A man in eastern Nebraska is suing Wal-Mart for failing to properly train the store’s baggers. Mr. Freis’ wife died after a prolonged illness cause by an injury from an overfilled bag.

4.  A thoughtful lesson on the meaning of the words food and meal. Interestingly, both words have an etymology as warm and as comforting as a supper shared with old friends.

5.  The ultimate sous vide hack.  You’re welcome.

6.  To paraphrase Jim Croce: You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.  You don’t spit into the wind.  You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger.  And, you don’t mess around with CAREY BRINGLE’S RIG.  Someone stole it this week.  Carey’s looking for it.  If you happen to run across it this weekend, let Carey know.  He wants it back.

Peg Leg Rig