It’s time for the Southern Six-Pack, a highly curated, somewhat curious, collection of news stories from across the region (and beyond).

1.  Obnoxious 15 year olds of the world, take note: your fairly harmless Halloween prank requires anger, a mask, and a dozen eggs. For a massive political protest you’ll need anger, a mask, and 8333.3 dozen eggs! French poultry farmers protesting unfairly low egg prices plan to ‘egg’ government offices and markets alike this weekend.

2.  What salmon eyes taste like. Because we know you were wondering about that.

3.  A pork virus that has laid waste to piglet litters in China, South Korea, and Thailand was identified in the U.S. in May. Adult pigs can survive the virus. Piglets can’t. If the virus takes hold here the way it has in other places, an average farm can expect to lose 1000 piglets a week.

4.  It’s been 35 years since musical-comedy-horror show, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was unleashed on the unsuspecting movie-going public. To honor that theatrical milestone we give you an oral history of the film in 13 parts.  And, by we, I mean Sam Dean, who apparently gets to write about whatever he wants.

5.  Florida woman was at it again this week, stabbing a man who protested her attempt to cut in front of him in the drive through line at a Tampa McDonald’s. Thing she most looks forward to upon release? Large McDonald’s coffee and a hash brown.

6.  This walnut totally looks like Chewbacca.

chewbacca walnut