Sounds of the Summer Symposium

We invite you to listen to the talks from our Summer Foodways Symposium, which took place last weekend in Jackson, Mississippi. Below, you’ll hear:

  • Ralph Eubanks, author of Ever Is a Long Time: A Journey into Mississippi’s Dark Past, talking about returning to his home state as an adult, and breaking bread with the former klansmen and white citizens’ council members who once kept tabs on African American professionals like Eubanks’s parents.
  • Robby Luckett of Jackson State University on Margaret Walker Alexander: poet, novelist, Jacksonian, and avid cook.
  • Daphne Chamberlain of Tougaloo College honoring the youth leadership of Jackson’s Civil Rights Movement
  • Malcolm White waxing poetic on comeback sauce, the state’s favorite condiment.

Grab your headphones and enjoy! If you can’t listen to everything at once, you can always “comeback” for more. (Yes, we went there.)