If you are an SFA member, you’re familiar with Gravy, our print quarterly. What you might not know is that Gravy is going to put on some weight in the next few months. That means we’re on the lookout for new contributors—are you one of them?

You might be just the person we’re looking for if:

– You’re a sharp, curious, open-minded writer of essays, journalism, creative nonficiton, short fiction, and/or poetry. You have an interest in stories about food, but you don’t have to call yourself a “food writer.” And you’ve got an eye for the angle no one else has explored.

– You’re a photographer with a fresh take on the people, places, and ingredients that contribute to the diverse foodways of the American South.

– You’re an illustrator with a knack for creating just the right simple (maybe quirky, maybe playful) yet evocative image to go with an interview or story.

Does this sound like you? Read on for more about Gravy and how to submit.

Gravy 48 cover
Gravy 48 cover illustration by Natasha Allegri of “Adventure Time.”

Like the SFA as a whole, Gravy takes its material seriously without taking itself too seriously. We publish incisive, thought-provoking, and unusual or little-told stories about the world of Southern food. They are smart, but they don’t read like homework. We publish articles with attitude. With verve. With skewed perspectives. Our best work has a tight focus. Surveys don’t work well. Neither do articles in the style of syrupy recollection. In the same spirit as our oral history and documentary work, we care less about fussy tasting notes and more about the hidden stories behind the food.

Each issue of Gravy reaches approximately 3,000 readers who love good food and good writing.

Click here to read previous issues of Gravy in PDF form and get an idea of the content we’re after.

We accept pitches and submissions under 1,000 words. Contributors receive a small honorarium upon publication. If you are interested in pitching or submitting to Gravy, e-mail Sara Camp Arnold.

Note: Gravy is a small operation. Please allow several weeks for a response to unsolicited submissions.