#SFAOH Atlanta Field Notes: Burekas at Or VeShalom

The sisterhood of Or VeShalom stuffing burekas.

Last week our SFA oral history workshop participants traveled around Atlanta to collect original interviews. As we work to process the full project, we’ll share clips of participants’ work.

Participants Eileen Engel of New Orleans and Margaret Weinberg of Birmingham, Alabama visited the Sisterhood of Or VeShalom congregation to document the women baking burekas, savory pastries filled with feta and spinach. The burekas are sold to the congregation throughout the year and during the holidays to the communities at-large.

A plate of burekas at Or VeShalom.

The pair filmed footage of the preparation and baking, along with interviews of three women in the sisterhood, including Sarah Duwell, 81, whose parents came to Atlanta from the Island of Rhodes in the beginning of the twentieth century. Mrs. Duwell’s father was a founding member of the congregation.

Sarah Duwell of Or VeShalom

The sisterhood provided Eileen and Margaret with archival film footage of baking burekas in 1991. They were told this version would mirror the materials the women collected during their visit. And according to Eileen and Margaret, it’s true.