What is SFA Stories?
SFA Stories is an app developed by the Southern Foodways Alliance to showcase our documentary work: films, oral histories, and Gravy podcast episodes. We launched the app with Louisiana stories, and will continue to add entries by state. You may use the app to explore our content and map a road trip.

What are the operating system requirements for running the SFA Stories app?
SFA Stories is designed for iOS system 13.0 and higher, or Android system 10.0 and higher.

Do I need software other than the app to use SFA Stories?
SFA Stories interfaces with Google Maps. If you do not already have this on your device, you will be prompted to install it.

Why can I not always access the content in the app?
Cellular data or a wi-fi connection is required to use the app.

How do I search for documentary work with this app?
Users may search for documentary work by selecting a state to see work that’s been done in that state, entering keywords in the search field, or exploring with the map.

Why does the app ask for permission to access my location?
The app requests your location so it may use the routing features with the map. If you do not give permission for your location, all map routes will begin in Oxford, Mississippi (the location of the SFA World Headquarters).

How do I plan a road trip with this app?
The map feature assists in planning road trips. When exploring with the map, users may set start and end points and designate a radius that indicates how far off the route they’re willing to travel to visit a location. The map will return relevant locations, and users may preview them and click “add to trip.” Once all desired locations have been selected, the user may click Driving Directions and will be taken to Google Maps to see the route. Users may also open the map and browse areas, selecting locations and adding them to a route.

Which of these people/places may I visit?
SFA has worked to catalog entries that are open to the public. Because hours of operation may change, we strongly encourage you to call or visit websites before planning a trip. If a location is marked closed, it is either a private home or a business that is no longer in operation. If you find a place that is closed, but not marked so in the app, please email info@southernfoodways.org and we’ll update our information.

Why do I not see all SFA’s documentary work across the region?
The SFA is uploading new locations to the map state-by-state. We invite you to start your travels in Louisiana. Users will be notified when content from other states is added.

How can I be listed in your app?
People and places listed in SFA Stories are subjects of existing documentary work. Documentary work is conducted year-round, and subjects are selected based on our focus of study for the year.

Other questions?
Email info@southernfoodways.org if you have other questions related to SFA Stories, and we’ll be happy to assist.

The Southern Foodways Alliance thanks The McIlhenny Company, maker of  TABASCO® brand products, for underwriting the development of SFA Stories.