SFA Proposed Bylaw Changes

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SFA members will be asked to vote on proposed bylaw changes during the annual election, scheduled for August 16.

Per procedure, bylaws may be amended by the membership from time to time. Any proposed amendment must be signed by three members in good standing and submitted to the President and the Board at least ten days prior to the ballot on which the amendment is considered. The proposed amendment must be presented to the membership not less than ten days prior to the vote of the membership. Any votes of the membership on an amendment to the bylaws may be conducted via any lawful means, including electronically. A majority of the votes cast shall be required to approve the amendment.

Three SFA members in good standing have signed and submitted these bylaw changes to the SFA Board, and the Board has approved them for the ballot. SFA members should now read and consider these bylaw revisions and vote to approve or disapprove them ten days from now, on the August 16 SFA annual election ballot.

Proposed bylaw changes may be accessed here. If current SFA members have difficulty opening the link, email [email protected] to have a copy of the redlined bylaws emailed for review.