Redesign 2017: SFA’s Call for Web Developers

The Southern Foodways Alliance seeks a makeover. A real one. This website was designed when daily blog posts were all the rage. When wood paneling was a thing. When we didn’t have as much content as we have now (over 1000 oral histories and 113 films as of 8:00 a.m. today, if you’re counting).

SFA seeks experienced web developers who want to work with our organization. Our plan is to partner with a firm with deep industry expertise, technical ability, and a proven track record. Specifically, SFA seeks a website development firm with the following characteristics:

  • A staff that can assign a team of web developers to our site, for consistency in consulting
  • An in-house graphic designer, or a close relationship with a designer, to assist in creating the look of the site
  • An analytics expert able to interpret existing Google Analytics data and use it to recommend site architecture that amplifies audience reach and engagement

A successful redesign will create a site that:

  • is dynamic and intuitive, inviting the audience to explore and linger on original SFA content;
  • clearly communicates SFA’s mission and values; and
  • encourages the audience to join as members and support the organization as donors on every page.

To receive a copy of our request for proposals, email Mary Beth Lasseter at [email protected] Our deadline to apply is September 10.