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Native Strangers of the South

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with seeking familiar touchstones when you come to a new place. But there is a problem with ignoring what’s in front of you.

Tee Eva’s Pralines & Pies - Tee Eva Perry - New Orleans Sno-Balls

Remembering Tee-Eva

SFA is sad to report the passing of Eva Louis Perry, better known as Tee Eva, on Thursday, June 7, 2018, at the age of 83. Her sweet shop on Magazine Street was famous for its pralines and small pies.

The Fight to Serve

Public support of migrant causes isn’t easy for immigrant businesses, even if such efforts go unnoticed by non-immigrants. Undocumented entrepreneurs face unique hazards. They live on the edge everyday.

Barbecue Friday with Zach Parker

This barbecue Friday watch Joe York’s documentary short about Zach Parker, son of the late Ricky Parker, who now owns and operates Scott’s-Parker Bar-B-Q in Lexington, Tennessee.

Vilcek Foundation grant deadline is June 11

The Vilcek Foundation is offering three $50,000 prizes to immigrant professionals working as chefs and food preparers, beverage professionals, or food writers. Application deadline is June 11.

A New Normal South

Unfolding what the South can become is as much reconciliation and reeducation as it is adaptation.

Bioreactor to Table

So-called “clean meat,” or meat that is grown in a laboratory from stem cells under controlled conditions, forgoes the live animal altogether.

SFA mourns the passing of Ella Brennan

SFA mourns the passing of New Orleans restaurateur and 2002 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Ella Brennan, who passed away Thursday morning at the age of 92.