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Robert Gipe authors illustrated novels

Robert Gipe is the author of the illustrated novels Trampoline and Weedeater. At the 2018 Summer Symposium in Lexington, he’ll school us on food tropes.

Jan Fernheimer: Summer Symposium Scholar and Dance Enthusiast

Jan Fernheimer, a presenter at the Summer Symposium, is the director of Jewish Studies and associate professor of Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Media at the University of Kentucky. She also co-founded a Latin dancing club with a UK physics professor. Buy a ticket, and learn—about Lexington and maybe dancing, too.

Elizabeth Catte: Public Historian and Writer

Elizabeth Catte is a public historian, writer, and director of Passel, a socially-conscious historical consulting firm serving nonprofits and unions in Appalachia. She is also a presenter at SFA’s 2018 Summer Symposium in Lexington.

2018 Summer Symposium Bibliography

Get ready to read (and watch and listen). SFA’s event bibliography will help you prepare for the 2018 Summer Foodways Symposium in Lexington, Kentucky.

Join SFA at the table

SFA invites you to become a member. Join us at the table in 2018 as we explore literature and food, twinned cultural expressions.

Trawling for Shrimp

Here I am in shrimp country, to see with my own eyes an industry that has been much maligned. If I’m going to cook with shrimp, I need to find a source I can trust.

Documenting Change in Apalachicola, Florida

Life in Apalachicola, Florida, has changed dramatically since SFA documented the area in 2006. Read the recent Tampa Bay Times article by Laura Reiley, and revisit the stories SFA shared as part of the Florida’s Forgotten Coast oral history project.