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Stories from the Hem of my Mother’s Apron

The author, poet, mother, and native Kentuckian was transformed by the communal experience of simply preparing and eating food with other women. So occasionally, she gathers a group of women for dinner.

Anda Conmigo en Plaza Fiesta

At the 2017 symposium, Smith Symposium Fellow Steven Alvarez introduced SFA to Plaza Fiesta, a large market located in a strip mall outside Atlanta.

Las Pulgas: Voices from a New Orleans Market

At the 2017 symposium, Sara Fouts and Fernando Lopez provided a historical and ethnographic background of Latino migration to New Orleans, and described the rise of the pulga.

Bluegrass and Birria: Oral Histories

Alexis Meza of Lexington is a visual artist and co-founder of the Kentucky Dream Coalition, a network that helps immigrant youth access higher education. At the fall symposium, she shared her work on the Bluegrass and Birria oral history project.

Cheap Eats, Cheap Labor, Hidden Costs

At the 2017 SFA symposium, Diep Tran argues that “immigrant food is often expected to be cheap, because, implicitly, the labor that produces it has historically been cheap.” But there is a hidden toll for workers.

The Write Stuff: 2018 Rivendell Workshop

We are now taking applications for SFA’s 4th annual nonfiction writing workshop at Rivendell Writers’ Colony in Sewanee, Tennessee, March 15–18, 2018.

In Praise of Las Mujeres del Sur

Sandra Gutierrez, author of Latin American Street Food and The New Southern-Latino Table, addressed the symposium with her thoughts on Latina Southerners.

Morning Poems

Iliana Rocha, a contributor to SFA’s forthcoming collection of poetry, shares her work to open the last day of the fall symposium. “Still Life” is a highlight.


At SFA’s 20th symposium, Gustavo Arellano finds the origin story of a uniquely Southern dish: ACP, or Arroz con Pollo, unlike any he’s ever seen.