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Sept. 27: El Sur Latino Brown Bag Lecture

On Wednesday, September 27, at noon, join Southern Studies in the Tupelo Room at Barnard Observatory for Dr. Simone Delerme’s Brown Bag lecture on “El Sur Latino: Migration, Identity, and Incorporation.”

Atlanta’s Masa Maven

Born in 1976 in Pharr, Texas, Gladys Martinez grew up with great respect for corn and the savvy that made it possible to sustain a business. It wasn’t long before she became a masa expert.

Cliff's Meat Market - Cliff Collins - Tabasco Guardians of the Tradition: Chapel Hill, NC - Chapel Hill Eats

Un Buen Carnicero: A Film on Cliff’s Meat Market

As SFA looks forward to October’s annual Southern Foodways Symposium, we invite you to look back at Un Buen Carnicero, a 2014 film produced by Vittles as an SFA Greenhouse project.

Meet 2017 Smith Symposium Fellows

The Smith Symposium Fellows, a program underwritten by a gift from Pam and Brook Smith, invites individuals whose work promises a positive impact on the southern region and its foodways to be guests at SFA symposia. Meet our 2017 Smith Fellows in advance of SFA’s October gathering.

Kimchi and Cornbread on Gravy Podcast

When you sit down for a meat and three in Montgomery, Alabama, say at the Davis Café, you choose from the menu and you get one plate all for you, but at a Korean table in Montgomery – or anywhere – your plates are all shared. And there are many of them. Meat and six or seven, you might say.

Meet Memphis Artist Yancy Villa-Calvo

Yancy Villa-Calvo is an artist whose work is exhibited in her community of Memphis. She will be a featured presenter at the SFA’s Memphis Divertissement, scheduled Thursday, October 5.

Back of the White House

Adrian Miller’s The President’s Kitchen Cabinet aims to fill in the “historical silhouettes” of the black culinary figures whose influence he noted while researching his first book.

Meet Poet Eduardo C. Corral

Meet poet Eduardo C. Corral. The son of Mexican immigrants, he teaches at North Carolina State University.