Oral History Spotlight: Foodways Texas Documenting Iconic Restaurants in the Lone Star State

Our friends at Foodways Texas (FTX) didn’t waste any time getting on the oral history train. In the almost three years since the organization was founded, they’ve collected a wonderful array of stories from some of the Lone Star State’s greatest culinary contributors and lasting legacies through their documentary efforts.

This week, the Austin American-Statesman highlighted FTX’s Iconic Restaurants oral history project. From the article:

Last year, the statewide nonprofit…teamed with the Texas Restaurant Association and the University of Texas’ American Studies department to preserve the stories behind some of the state’s most iconic restaurants through oral histories…

…As the Texas Restaurant Association celebrated its 75th birthday last year, the organization wanted to find a way to recognize the members and other restaurants that have been around almost as long, says Wendy Saari, TRA’s vice president of marketing and communications.

 With the help of a handful of American Studies students at the University of Texas, Foodways Texas and the TRA came up with a list of the state’s longest lived (and best loved) restaurants and sent out the students, some of whom had completed additional training with Southern Foodways Alliance’s oral history program, to record interviews with the proprietors.

Sherri Sheu, a UT grad student who conducted some of the interviews for the FTX project, attended our 2012 Oral History Workshop and will be collaborating with the SFA in 2013.

You can find out more about our 2013 Oral History Workshop here. Please note that the deadline for applications is April 1, 2013. The workshop will take place at SFA World Headquarters in Oxford, May-28-31.