Opera is Hot!

Here at SFA world headquarters, we love a good opera. Seriously. Over the years we’ve commissioned and staged oratorios and operas focused on collard greens (“Leaves of Green,” 2011), civil rights movement era waiter Booker Wright (“Repast,” 2014) and corn (“In these Fields”, 2016.) That’s why we’re jealous we didn’t think of this first.

On January 25, the New Orleans Opera revived the “Burlesque Opera of Tabasco,” a production originally staged in 1894. As expected, the characters are baroque and the plot is circuitous. The protagonist is a pasha, who threatens his personal chef when served a bland dinner. Hilarity and intrigue ensues, as they say, when a blind beggar sells the chef a secret potion that turns out to be Tabasco sauce.

Formally known as “George W. Chadwick’s Tabasco: A Burlesque Opera,” this updated production has sold-out its initial slate of performances at La Petit Théâtre de Vieux Carré in New Orleans. Here’s hoping La Petit Théâtre grants us opera loving folk an extension.