OKRACAST: Rodney Babineaux on Red Boudin

Babineaux's boudin_2

Cooked red boudin (L) with regular boudin (R) from Babineaux’s Slaughter House in Breaux Bridge, LA. Photo by Sara Roahen.

Red boudin, also known as boudin rouge or blood boudin, is a fading tradition in Acadiana. Only specially-licensed slaughterhouses are allowed to produce this generations-old delicacy. Babineaux’s Slaughter House in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, is one of the last commercial makers of red boudin in the area. He talk’s about his family’s tradition of making red boudin in this week’s episode of Okracast, which you can listen to right here:

We also happen to have a photo essay that documents the process of making red boudin. FAIR WARNING: If the sight of blood isn’t on your list of things to see today, you might want to stick with listening to Okracast.

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