New Orleans: Character and Caricature by Lolis Eric Elie

Despite giving the first talk after a brunch that reportedly included “more beverage courses than food courses” (we can neither confirm nor deny that this was the case), Lolis Elie still managed to keep the crowd’s attention at our summer foodways symposium.

He explored how New Orleans looms large in the national imagination as The Big Easy, a place where one can behave in ways she or he might never at home. And, explains Elie, “Because people expect this of you, you begin to deliver it to them.”

Listen to the whole talk here.

Lolis Eric Elie is a New Orleans born, Los Angeles based writer and filmmaker. He has written for the HBO series Treme and AMC’s Hell on Wheels, and his work has appeared in The Oxford American, Gourmet, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Bon Appetit, Downbeat, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Times-Picayune.