Meet Dan Nguyen

Dan Nguyen with Alice Tran (daughter) and Henry Tran (son) in Charlotte, NC. Photo by Peter Taylor.

This restaurant gave me the social skills that I have now, and they helped me integrate with other people so that I understood their culture. And I wanted them to understand my culture too.” ~ Dan Nguyen, translated by her son, Henry Tran

When An “Dan” Nguyen and her husband Thuyen Tran settled in Charlotte, they didn’t have a place to live and they did not speak English. Ms. Nguyen set out on foot to find work and eventually settled at Lang Van, a Vietnamese restaurant in the city’s Shamrock neighborhood.

Ms. Nguyen transitioned to ownership in 2004 and has owned Lang Van outright since 2009. Her children, Alice and Henry Tran, help out in the restaurant, while her husband works the kitchen.

Hear Ms. Nguyen’s story, translated by her son, here.

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