The Southern Foodways Alliance seeks an experienced reporter/producer to create five 20-23 minute episodes for the award-winning Gravy podcast. The episodes should explore the Alabama Black Belt, and will air in Summer 2021. Payment for this batch of 5 episodes will be $17,500, all-inclusive. Deadline for applications is January 31, 2021. To hear previous Gravy episodes, visit Email for more information, or to submit an application.

Gravy tells stories of the changing American South through food, broadly defined. We always want stories with a strong sense of character and place. If you have a strong, clear story idea, you should be able to sum it up in the following sentence: I’m telling a story about X, and it is interesting because Y. 

Pitches to Gravy podcast should be made to and include: 
—7 episode ideas, outlined in approximately one paragraph per episode. SFA prefers to organize each season around a broad theme. For this batch, the Alabama Blackbelt is the theme. The reporter/producer may narrow the focus if desired. Ultimately, 5 of these pitches will be reported. All pitched stories will remain confidential.
—Link to a relevant sample of your previous radio or podcast work

SFA staff will follow up with a phone conversation before making a season assignment.