Joe York takes the Gospel to Sidewalk Film Festival

COM-0308-Sidewalk-WebBannerSince 1999, filmmakers from far and wide have convened in the magic city to screen films to the great crowds of Sidewalk Film Festival. The 18th annual Sidewalk Film Festival is set to take place in Birmingham, Alabama August 26-28, 2016. Included in this year’s lineup is our own Joe York and SFA film The Gospel of the Alabama Oyster.

In 2009, not a single oyster farm operated on the Alabama coast. By 2015, there were eight oyster farming companies, all determined to prove that the world’s best oysters come from this Southern state. Lane Zirlott, of Murder Point Oyster Company, calls it an oyster revolution – one that focuses on presentation as much as taste, and enables hard-working families to make a consistent living on the Alabama waters.

We will update you with more screening information closer to August. In the meantime you can check out the film below and find more information about the fest at their website. Congrats Joe!