Jell-O Comes to Rural Appalachia in Gravy Ep. 34

Jell-O was one of those foods I longed for as a child which my parents forbade me from having with any regularity. My mother was suspicious of many processed foods, and deemed Jell-O to be full of unnecessary sugar and colored unnatural shades. She treated it the way she did with so many commercial treats I found tantalizing: with neglect, if not outright disdain.

But during a different era, in a different corner of this country, Jell-O meant something very different: it meant modernity.

Jell-O painting by Lina Tharsing.
Jell-O painting by Lina Tharsing.

In the new episode of Gravy, Lora Smith takes us to her home in rural Appalachia to explore the seismic shift that Jell-O was part of in that part of the South.

You can listen here.