Treber Kappa Alpha: Treber McGuirt

Mary Beth Lasseter: Where are you from originally?

Treber McGuirt:  I’m originally from Oxford. I stay on West Spring Hill. I have one five year old kid and I’m divorced right now and kinda settling down but I’ve been with the guys at the KA house four years, this is my fourth year.

How did you get involved with the KAs?

Well I was out of work one day and I went to a job service agency that sent me out here. That was, like I said, a few years ago. I’ve been here four years so I’ve worked here ever since then.

And do you primarily work in the kitchen?

Uh, basically I’m kind of like an all over guy. I help in the kitchen. I clean up upstairs. I help serve or just whatever that they need to be done.

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Date of interview:

June 20, 2005


Mary Beth Lasseter

Treber McGuirt - Ole Miss Cooks - kappa alpha
Well, I started watching people in the kitchen and, uh, kind of helping them out and kind of getting them through some things and I always wanted to do more than wash dishes and so I just kind of observed and basically learned what to do.
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