Sandy Pollard

Carollton, GA

The Carrollton, Georgia, kitchen of Ms. Sandy Pollard is always filled with the inviting smells of traditional Southern cuisine. Unlike most contemporary mothers and grandmothers on the go Ms. Pollard continues to cook regional favorites. Sandy is enrolled as a graduate student at the local university, and she successfully balances the demands of her busy class schedule with her personal chef service as well as an active church membership. Overtime, Pollard has mastered the art of baking “light and fluffy” biscuits and adapted to perfection her ex-husband’s family tea cake recipe. Although the convenience of modern restaurants, groceries and bakeries have altered the diets of many Southerners Ms. Pollard continues to observe tradition by cooking the “old Fashioned way.” Sandy Pollard believes the extra time required to bake homemade southern foods like pound cake and banana pudding produces a delicious tangible product, but also an unspoken message of love that nourishes the soul.

Date of interview:

March 31, 2002


Demetrius Weaver, Ricky Hall

Sandy Pollard - SFA Member Contributions
Well you always have to have butter as far as I am concerned, a biscuit is wasted if it does not have butter on it. [Laughs] And I don’t mean margin, I mean real butter cause, we, it had to be, uhm, I generally split my biscuit with a knife spread it with butter and then put either honey or homemade jelly cause my mother makes real good jelly or uhm, sorghum too. I like biscuits and sorghum. I do know if you ever had that before. Ha ha ha [laughs]
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