Regina Adame Galan

Dai-Sing Restaurant Supply
4500 N. Tryon Street #5
Charlotte, NC 28213

Regina Adame Galan was born in Saginaw, Michigan. Arriving in Charlotte in 2003, she and her husband first ran a food truck specializing in Asian hibachi. When Charlotte City Council passed an ordinance limiting food trucks in 2008, he took a job at Dai-Sing and she followed. Ms. Galan is the main U.S.-born salesperson at huge Dai-Sing Restaurant Supply in Charlotte’s Asian Corner Mall. Owned by Davis Ngo, Dai-Sing sprawls across 40,000 square feet, stocking almost a million items such as used fryers, stoves and salamanders, woks and pots, paper goods and take-out containers.

Date of interview:

April 26, 2017


Tom Hanchett


Peter Taylor

When someone doesn’t know how to explain to me what they want, I have a few basic questions: What do you do with it? What material is it made out of? What color? And if they can answer me two out of those three questions, I can find it for them. I only speak English and Spanish, but I have an affinity for languages. I have a lot of anecdotes in order to put one in a comfort zone. I can talk to anybody.

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