Nora Guerra

6016 The Plaza
Charlotte, NC 28215

Nora Guerra moved to Charlotte from Florida, leaving a job in cleaning for a opportunity to open a business with her brother and business partner. They keep Guatemalan food and culture alive and central to both the menu and atmosphere. As the head chef Nora Guerra brings Guatemalan “sazon” to all her dishes, a chance to experience Chapin culture and flavor.


Cecilia Polanco


Peter Taylor

Es diferente trabajar para alguien que ser tu propio jefe. Hay mucha diferencia. Mi hermano es mi socio. Cuando abrió su panadería, me dijo: ¿Por qué no empiezas a hacer tamales? Cuando llegué, hice tamales y empecé a venderlos de mi casa. Y allí, poco a poco, empecé a decir, quiero tener un negocio, quiero tener un restaurante. Y entonces llegó el día. Y aquí estoy yo.

It’s different to work for someone than to be your own boss. There’s a lot of difference. My brother is my partner. When he opened his bakery, he said, Why don’t you start doing tamales? When I got here, I made tamales and I started selling them out of my house. And there, little by little, I started to say, I want to have a business, I want to have a restaurant. And then the day came. And here I am.
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