Alpha Omicron Pi: Laura “Mama” Reid, House Mother

[Notes on sorority house abbreviations: KD is Kappa Delta sorority, Tri-Delt is the Delta Delta Delta sorority, and Zeta is Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.]

Kendra Myers: This is Kendra, I’m talking to Mama Reid at the AOPi house at Ole Miss on Monday afternoon, and I’m going to ask her a few questions about food! My first question is, how long have you been here at AOPi? I know you’ve done a lot of different things.

Laura Reid: This is my fourth year at AOPi.

Where were you before?

The Tri-Delt house at Mississippi State, the Kappa Delta house here, and Kappa Alpha Theta. I’ve been a house mother for about twenty years.

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Date of interview:

April 5, 2005


Kendra Myers

Laura "Mama" Reid, House Mother - Alpha Omicron Pi
I wish that we could get all of the girls in the house to eat dinner, because it’s the one time they actually get together. Some girls in this house, they haven’t been in that dining room since they’ve been here.
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