Jimmy & Louisa Kleto

Central Coffee
719 Louise Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28204

Jimmy and Louisa Kleto opened Central Coffee Company in 2009. Jimmy was born and raised in Charlotte to first-generation Greek parents. His grandparents came to Charlotte in the 1950s from Agrinion, Greece. The coffee shop is housed in a building his grandparents own, two blocks away from their first home in Charlotte. Central Coffee Company is a full service coffee and espresso shop.

Date of interview:

March 11, 2017


Victoria Bouloubasis


Peter Taylor

I think this place like gives everybody that comes in a little special feeling, 'Oh, this is my place too.' It’s very much come in here and be yourself. Everybody’s just a little funky enough that it’s a great place. Nobody’s super weird. Nobody’s not weird. They’re just the right amount of kooky.

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