Isela Juarez | Christopher Santiago | Victor Santiago

Tacos El Nevado
4715 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205

Victor Santiago is the main proprietor of the taquerias (there is one on South Boulevard in Charlotte and another in Florida). His wife, Isela Juarez, and sister-in-law, Vianey Juarez, are the main cooks. Cousins Nereyda Mali and Christopher Santiago are managers and cashiers. The interview discusses the biculturalism present in their family dynamic—from Oaxacan immigrants to US-born children visiting Mexico—and how that translates to the restaurant and the community it serves. Mr. (Victor) Santiago explains that he comes from a farmworking family, and he started picking citrus in Florida before finding his way to restaurant entrepreneurship. Ms. (Isela) Juarez describes the culinary traditions of Oaxaca and the way she translates those into the Tacos El Nevado menu, which includes special cheese (quesillo) and tortilla (tlayuda) imported from Oaxaca. Mr. (Christopher) Santiago speaks about what it was like to move to Oaxaca as a youth for a few years. Both Mr. (Christopher) Santiago and his cousin Ms. Mali talk about being in charge as the younger generation of American-born family, and, along with Mr. (Victor) Santiago and Ms. (Isela) Juarez, discuss the immigrant population—including their own family and their clientele.

Date of interview:

March 11, 2017


Victoria Bouloubasis


Peter Taylor

Tratamos de mantener la tradición, mantener la cultura y mantener nuestra gastronomía. Lo que queremos hacer es dejar que la gente vea, viviendo alrededor de nosotros en nuestra ciudad. Podemos hablar mucho de lo que es Oaxaca pero muchas personas no lo saben. Nuestra idea es que nuestra gente sepa quienes somos los oaxaqueños.

We try to maintain the tradition, maintain the culture, and maintain our gastronomy. What we want to do is let people see, living around us in our city. We can talk a lot about what Oaxaca is but many people do not know it. Our idea is to let our people know what we Oaxacans are.

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