Dino Mehic & Mesa Mehic

Euro Grill & Cafe | Bosna Market
2719 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC

Dino Mehic left Bosnia when the 1991 war in Yugoslavia began. He fled to Germany, where he married Bosnian-native Amela. Their son, Mesa, was born in Germany. The family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where their daughter, Minela, was born. Ms. Mehic found a job in a warehouse, so Mr. Mehic searched for work that would allow him care for the kids. He rented the smallest, cheapest storefront on Central Avenue and launched Bosna Market in 2003. Most of Charlotte’s Bosnians then lived within walking distance in inexpensive apartments selected by the refugee agency. In 2013 the Mehics moved to a slightly bigger space on Central where they could add Euro Grill, a tiny fifteen-seat eatery specializing in cevapi. Dino handmakes the stubby beef/veal sausages and nestles them into fluffy lepinje flatbread.

Date of interview:

April 19, 2017


Tom Hanchett & Drako Hernandez


Peter Taylor

There's so many differences. Different people, different cultures, and everybody stays together. My home is here. I built my life here. I'm so happy when the people come here and eat and leave happy and say to friends, 'We were in some Bosnian place'—nobody says Euro Grill, just Bosnian place—'and ate good Bosnian food.' That's my business. I present my country. That's important.

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