Hip Hop to Bibimbap: the Atlanta of Christiane Lauterbach (Gravy Ep. 11)

Christiane at North China Eatery on Buford Highway.

Did you miss this episode from Gravy season 1? No worries—now is your chance to catch up. Prepare to come away from the story with a big crush on Christiane Lauterbach and a burning desire to explore Atlanta’s semi-hidden international culinary treasures.

What kind of view of a city can you have through its restaurants? Or—more specifically—through its strip mall restaurants? Christiane Lauterbach’s multi-decade career proves: a whole lot.

Christiane is a woman full of contradictions. A loner who is unfailingly gregarious. A self-described hermit who loves to ramble around her adopted city of Atlanta, Georgia. A French transplant who refuses to claim a Southern identity, but has changed the way Atlantans think about their restaurants. In this episode of Gravy, we learn how a Parisian woman came to document the evolution of a Southern restaurant scene, and what her work reveals about Atlanta’s global population.