Gravy Episode 4 Goes to Fred’s Lounge

The newest episode of Gravy takes you to a Saturday morning in Cajun country that you’d be forgiven for thinking more closely resembles a Saturday night… or perhaps no night like you’ve ever experienced. Especially when it comes to the octogenarian woman taking shots of schnapps and pretending to play the accordion printed on her t-shirt.

Welcome to Fred’s Lounge. Domain of Tante Sue de Mamou.

Tante Sue mid-shot of schnapps.
Tante Sue mid-shot of schnapps.

For decades, Fred’s has been a destination on a Saturday morning, both for locals looking to two-step to a good Cajun band—and for international tourists. How does it simultaneously maintain the locals and the tourists?

Listen to Eve Troeh’s story for us to find out.

Waiting for the band to start at Fred's Lounge.
Waiting for the band to start at Fred’s Lounge.

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