Gifts From The Good Land

“You see that all of these different cultures have something to offer. And hopefully we’ve bridged some gaps.”

The Randle family has been running Randle Farms just outside of Auburn, Alabama, since 1975. Frank Randle first planted blueberries before growing to what son Franklin now calls a “predominantly diversified farm” and one of the South’s few farms rearing sheep and lambs.

The farm has also provided lamb to the southeastern Muslim community for over 30 years, and today they even have a small facility on site for patrons who adhere to halal and other traditional butchering.

These days Frank leaves the leadership to his two sons Franklin, who shepherds of the farm’s flock, and Zachary, who grows and tends the farm’s produce.

Our latest documentary film explores the farm, the Randle family, and the role of farming in bridging cultural divides in the Southeast.

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