Garden & Gun Reads Cornbread Nation 7


The latest issue of Garden & Gun magazine is dedicated to Southern food. So it’s fitting that, for this installment of his book review column, Clyde Edgerton picked up a copy of Cornbread Nation 7.

Edgerton writes,

“Love” and “home” (including homes far from the South) show up more than once in this book, but please don’t fear Crock-Pots of sentimentality. The subject—this great complicated subject of Southern food, Southern food history and chefs, the habits and humor and rules that go in and around and behind our food—is here described and analyzed and eulogized by some of the South’s finest writers.

Which is pretty much what volume editor Francis Lam was going for. No sentimentality, just 40-plus powerful stories about the complexity of our region’s foodways, viewed from inside and out. We encourage you to head to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of CN7 if you haven’t already.

You can read the rest of Edgerton’s review here.